10 Benefits of Artificial Grass 

Switching from natural to artificial turf is a significant decision, one that merits thorough consideration. If concerns about durability or upkeep have made you hesitant, we at Evergreen Services are here to allay your fears. Let’s delve into the game-changing advantages that synthetic lawns offer. 

Weather Resilient Through and Through 

Artificial turf emerges unscathed from the ravages of extreme weather. Unlike natural grass, which can either dry up in scorching heat or drown under heavy rain, artificial lawns remain steadfast. Their man-made composition shields them from the fickle elements, offering you a worry-free green space all year round. 

A Long-lasting Green Canvas 

One of the common myths is that artificial grass needs frequent replacing. Let’s set the record straight: well-maintained artificial turf can last up to 15 years! Unlike natural lawns that necessitate frequent seeding and watering, your synthetic oasis remains evergreen with minimal care, saving you time and effort in the long run. 

Immaculate Appearance, Zero Hassles 

Natural lawns are often marred by patchiness, discolouration, and the nuisance of weeds. Artificial turf, on the other hand, maintains a consistent and vibrant appearance. Say goodbye to muddy puddles and irksome weeds; your synthetic lawn stays pristine with very little upkeep. 

Economical and Effortless Maintenance 

A swipe of a broom and a quick rinse are all your artificial lawn needs to stay fresh. Say farewell to laborious mowing, expensive reseeding, and constant watering. The upkeep of synthetic grass is both economical and hassle-free. 

A Win for Your Water Bills 

Do you need to water artificial grass? No. You can save gallons of water and see your water bills plummet. A simple rinse now and then is all it takes to maintain its cleanliness. 

Forget the Garden Tools 

In our busy lives, who has the luxury of spending hours maintaining a natural lawn? With synthetic grass, forget about the drudgery of mowing, seeding, and watering. A few minutes each week for basic cleaning is all you’ll need. 

A Lush Green Lawn All Year 

Keeping a natural lawn green year-round is akin to a Herculean task. Artificial turf, however, remains consistently verdant regardless of the seasons, thanks to our range of specially blended colours. 

A Safe and Mess-free Playground 

Artificial turf offers the cushion of grass minus the muddiness and stains, making it ideal for children and pets to romp around safely. 

No Allergies to Worry About 

Approximately 20% of the UK population suffers from hay fever. With synthetic lawns being hypoallergenic, you can enjoy your outdoor space without the unpleasant symptoms. 

Designed for Optimal Drainage 

Rain or spills, the advanced drainage system in artificial lawns ensures that water swiftly leaves the surface, making it a safer option for outdoor activities. 

Get in Touch for a Greener Tomorrow 

Intrigued by the multiple benefits of synthetic turf? Contact Evergreen Services on 07831 110434. Our expert team is ready to guide you through our array of artificial grass options and the installation procedure. 

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