Block Paving Services by Evergreen Services in Maldon

Evergreen Services UK, a reputable and professional paving company, proudly offers bespoke block paving in Maldon, transforming your outdoor spaces with a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. We’ve built a strong reputation for providing quality workmanship and exceptional customer service that consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Block Paving Services in Maldon

Our block paving services in Maldon are designed to meet the unique needs and tastes of every homeowner. Whether it’s a new driveway, patio, or a footpath, we offer versatile solutions to cater to different styles and budgets. Each project we undertake is a testament to our commitment to quality, durability, and visual appeal.

Quality that Stands the Test of Time

Block paving not only enhances the look of your property, but also offers outstanding durability. With Evergreen Services UK, you receive quality materials and expert installation that ensures your block paving will withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions, retaining its appearance for years to come.

Expertise in Design and Installation

Our experienced team provides professional advice on design, colour, and layout to match your property’s style and your personal preferences. We ensure precision in every step of the block paving process, from preparation and foundation setting to the final finish and clean up.

Comprehensive Range of Styles and Colours

From traditional to contemporary designs, we offer a comprehensive range of styles and colours for your block paving project. Whether you prefer the classic charm of cobblestone or the modern simplicity of smooth, sleek blocks, we’ll help you create a unique design that suits your taste.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Our block paving services are not only beautiful and durable but also environmentally friendly. The materials we use allow for effective drainage, reducing the risk of surface water build-up and flooding.

Aftercare and Maintenance

We provide full aftercare and maintenance services to keep your block paving in Maldon in pristine condition. From simple cleaning and re-sanding to sealant application and minor repairs, we’ve got you covered.

Block Paving FAQs

What is block paving?
Block paving is a commonly used decorative method of creating a hardstanding driveway or path. It involves the use of various types of blocks (usually made from concrete or clay) laid in a pattern and then sealed for long-lasting durability.

How long does it take to install block paving in Maldon?
The installation time can vary based on the size and complexity of the project. On average, most block paving projects are completed within one to two weeks.


How do I maintain my block paving?
Maintenance is quite straightforward. Regular sweeping and occasional washing will keep your block paving looking its best. For tougher stains or weed growth, a power washer or a specific paving cleaner can be used.

Why should I choose Evergreen Services UK for block paving in Maldon?
We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality service and results. Our team of professionals uses the best materials and cutting-edge techniques to ensure your satisfaction with the final result.

A Bit About Maldon

maldon,church that has block paving

Maldon, a quaint town in Essex, England, offers a rich history, beautiful architecture, and picturesque views over the Blackwater estuary. Known for its iconic Maldon Sea Salt and a vibrant community spirit, it’s an ideal place to call home. With our block paving services, we hope to contribute to the town’s charm, creating spaces that are as beautiful and enduring as Maldon itself.

We are based in Maldon and cover all the surrounding areas of Heybridge, Woodham Walter, Woodham Mortimer, Ulting and Broad Street Green.

For more information, please call us on 07831 110434.

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