Garden Redesign in Chigwell

Evergreen Services proudly undertook an extensive renovation in the prestigious area of Chigwell. This impressive 3-acre property was meticulously redesigned from the ground up. Our team stripped back the entire grounds, paving the way for a state-of-the-art underground sprinkler system, pristine fencing, and a modern driveway. Attention to detail was evident in the new planting schemes, which included an array of trees, setting the scene for a verdant retreat. One of the standout features we introduced was a walled area, skillfully constructed to offer a secluded, private space within the sprawling grounds.

The entire design was brought to life under the gentle glow of a newly installed lighting system. To complete the transformation, Evergreen Services laid down a lush, green lawn, adding the finishing touch to this grand project. We’re immensely proud of our contribution in enhancing the beauty and functionality of this Chigwell estate.