How to speed up hedge growth

Understanding Hedge Varieties and Environment

Different hedge species have unique growth patterns. It’s vital to choose a hedge suited for your garden’s specific conditions, such as the amount of sunlight, type of soil, and prevalent moisture levels. Fast-growing plants need optimal conditions to reach their full potential.

Strategic Planting

Autumn offers an ideal planting window in many areas due to suitable soil conditions and the availability of cost-effective bare-root hedges. If you miss this season, spring serves as an alternative. Planting during these periods ensures the young plants adjust better to their new environment, reducing stress and promoting growth.

Consistent Watering in the Early Years

Just like any other young plant, new hedges need ample water to root themselves firmly. For the initial one or two years, provide a steady supply of water, especially if rainfall is infrequent in your region. As the hedge matures, you can decrease the watering frequency, focusing mainly during dry periods.

Feed the Hedge

Begin with a nutritious foundation by adding compost to your planting hole. This provides initial sustenance for your hedge. To maintain soil richness, apply mulch using bark chips or manure. This helps in retaining soil moisture and keeping weeds at bay. Come spring, reinforce your hedge’s growth with a dose of nitrogen-rich fertiliser.

Spring Pruning is Essential

Although your end goal might be a tall hedge, occasional pruning, especially during spring, is recommended. This ensures your hedge grows uniformly and remains dense. Pruning helps stimulate new growth, and the spring timing ensures young shoots aren’t harmed by winter frost.

Consider Neighbourly Etiquette

If your planned hedge is close to a shared boundary, discuss with your neighbour. Hedges, especially tall ones, can impact light and view. A simple conversation can help set expectations and maintain good neighbourly relations.

By diligently following these steps and maintaining consistency, you can ensure your hedge not only grows quickly but also remains healthy throughout its lifespan.

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